25 Quality HR Websites For Employers

Feb 14, 2024 | HR Trends

Josh Rust

As Abenity's Marketing Manager, Josh has a keen insight into the latest HR and recruiting trends.

HR professionals often struggle to find good online resources for the latest insights into managing human resources.

There are many HR blogs and websites, but it’s hard to tell which ones offer reliable information. It can be overwhelming, and finding valuable insights becomes a real challenge.

This article is here to help HR professionals. We’ll guide you to the most useful online resources, focusing on what makes them stand out. 

Let’s dive in.

The 25 Best HR Websites in 2024 (in no Particular Order)

1. Best Human Resource Websites For Insights and Best Practices:

Abenity Blog

Here in our blog, you’ll discover the latest trends and the best practices in HR with Human Resources content. Everything from attracting and retaining top talent to the nitty-gritty of HR Strategies, we have it here.


BambooHR stands out as a comprehensive HR platform, attracting 100,000 monthly visitors to its blog. The content is rich with actionable tips, fresh data, and a robust content library. It’s one of the go-to HR websites for employers seeking in-depth insights into various HR aspects, supporting over 30,000 HR teams and three million employees.

Deloitte Insights

Deloitte offers a strategic lens on HR and business news. Its resources provide HR leadership teams with a big-picture understanding of organizational dynamics, combining real-time updates, in-depth reports, and insightful articles.

Ask a Manager Blog

Alison Green’s blog, Ask a Manager, is a valuable resource offering practical advice to managers and employees. It covers a wide array of workplace challenges, from routine processes like interviews to more complex situations, making it a must-read for navigating the intricacies of the professional world.

CultureAmp Resources

CultureAmp focuses specifically on employee experience, offering resources that delve deep into topics such as employee engagement and workplace culture. It’s an essential guide for HR professionals aiming to enhance the overall employee experience within their organizations.

Lattice Resource Library 

Lattice, a performance management platform, provides a diverse resource library. From podcasts to webinars, templates, and blog articles, Lattice offers a holistic approach to HR insights, making it a valuable asset for HR professionals seeking varied and practical resources.

SHRM’s HR News

SHRM, as a leading professional organization for HR, presents HR News as a reliable source for staying abreast of the latest industry developments. From news articles to recertification opportunities, it’s a comprehensive hub for HR professionals.

2. Best For HR Community and Networking:

HR Heroes Slack Community

HR Heroes Slack Community provides a real-time collaboration space for HR professionals to connect, learn, and support each other. It fosters a sense of community and provides a platform for sharing experiences and insights.


Fairygodboss stands out as the largest career community for women. Beyond its blog, it offers career connections, job searching, and virtual events tailored for professional women. It’s a supportive space for women to navigate their careers.


HR.com serves as a social network for HR professionals, offering access to a vast network and various resources. With over a million HR professionals, it provides an excellent platform for networking and staying informed about industry trends.

Cite HR

Cite HR functions as one of the great human resource websites where HR professionals can share, discuss, and seek advice on various HR-related topics. It’s akin to a social media platform, promoting interaction and knowledge-sharing.

International HR forum

International HR forum is a collaborative platform of nine organizations, sharing expertise on international HR topics. It provides a unique space for global HR professionals to exchange insights and navigate the complexities of international HR.

Women of HR

Women of HR is a dedicated resource for women in HR, providing insights into the unique challenges they face. It acts as a guide for women, offering support and guidance through the HR landscape.

HR Learning Centre

HR Learning Centre stands out as a training hub for HR professionals, offering webinars and seminars on various HR topics. It’s an educational platform contributing to the continuous development of HR skills.

3. Best For HR News and Trends:

HR Brew

HR Brew delivers the latest HR news and insights in a daily newsletter format, making it easily digestible for busy professionals. It’s known for its engaging tone, pop culture references, and its ability to keep HR practitioners ahead of the curve.

HR Morning

HR Morning is a comprehensive resource covering the latest news and articles on employment law, benefits, recruiting, and talent management. It offers valuable information for HR professionals navigating various aspects of their roles.


HR.BLR.com provides industry updates and best practices in hiring, along with downloadable HR training tools. It serves as a comprehensive library for HR professionals seeking the latest information.

HR Hero

HR Hero’s unique concept allows HR professionals to seek advice from peers on workplace issues, employment law, and other HR challenges. It offers a collaborative space for learning from collective experiences.


HR.com also acts as an online portal for HR professionals to access the latest knowledge on HR trends, best practices, and news. With a free membership, it provides a wealth of articles, case studies, and surveys for HR professionals.

4. HR Podcasts and Webinars:

HR Unplugged

HR Unplugged, hosted by Anita Grantham of BambooHR, provides a candid podcast for HR and business leaders. It creates a safe space for discussing tough topics openly, offering valuable insights through candid conversations.

What Happens at Work Limited Series

BambooHR’s limited podcast series, What Happens at Work, offers snack-sized episodes with human stories and expertise. It adds a lighter touch to the HR podcast landscape, providing engaging content for professionals.

The HR Sound Off Podcast Show

The HR Sound Off Podcast Show, hosted by Julie Turney, founder of HR@Heart Consulting, interviews HR experts and leaders. It brings new perspectives and empathy to the podcast landscape, offering valuable insights into HR trends and practices.

5. Best HR Websites For Employers:

Greenhouse Blog

Greenhouse, a hiring software company, provides resources on candidate experience, onboarding, and other talent acquisition topics. Its Human Resources blogs are a valuable resource for HR professionals involved in the recruitment process, offering insights to enhance hiring practices.


TLNT is a blog for HR professionals specializing in talent management. It stays updated on the latest trends and news in talent management, offering valuable insights to professionals in this field.

6. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI):

Checkr’s Fair Chance Hiring Hub

Checkr specializes in background check solutions and promotes fair chance hiring. It’s a valuable resource for HR professionals aiming to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion in their organizations.

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