12 Powerful Employee Feedback Tools for 2024

Jan 14, 2024 | Retaining Employees

Josh Rust

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Your team’s insights are crucial. 

Because they’re on the front lines, they see things you don’t. 

As your company’s backbone, they can help you understand what makes your business tick.

That’s why employee feedback tools are on the rise. 

And let’s face it, there are TOO MANY options out there (to the point that it’s confusing). 

The challenge? Choosing the right tool for your company’s culture.

If you’ve ever found yourself deep in spreadsheets comparing tools or scratching your head at which tool to use, you’re in good company.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the best employee feedback software for 2023 and their key features. 

So if you want to see growth in your company through effective feedback, read on.

What Are Employee Feedback Tools? 

Employee feedback tools act as your company’s listening posts. 

They’re the means to gauge what your team is thinking, feeling, and discussing during their workdays.

These tools connect the workforce with HR and management. They gather feedback, maintain anonymity, and deliver it to decision-makers. 

When it comes to internal communication, these tools help leadership and employees understand each other. 

This makes them crucial in HR and internal communication. 

5 Features of a Great Employee Feedback Tool 

Let’s break it down—what makes an employee feedback tool not just good but downright stellar? 

In this section, we’ve rounded up the top five must-have features that make an employee feedback tool elite.

Feature #1: Anonymity 

Employees need a safe space to share their thoughts without the fear of repercussions. 

Anonymity ensures honest feedback, providing a raw and unfiltered perspective that can be a goldmine for improvement.

Feature #2: Ease of Use 

Let’s face it, no one has time for a complicated tool. 

A user-friendly interface means more participation. The easier it is for your team to navigate, the more insights you’ll gather effortlessly.

Feature #3: Integration Capabilities 

Your feedback tool shouldn’t be isolated. 

It should seamlessly integrate with your existing systems. Whether it’s your project management tool or the CRM, integration ensures a cohesive workflow.

Feature #4: Actionable Insights 

Collecting feedback is just step one; the real magic happens when you can turn that feedback into actionable insights. 

Look for a tool that helps you analyze data, identify trends, and pave the way for meaningful changes.

Feature #5: Real-Time Feedback 

In the fast-paced world of business, time is gold. 

Real-time employee feedback platforms ensure that you’re not just catching up with issues but staying ahead of the curve, making timely adjustments to keep your team on track.

These features are the backbone of any top-notch employee feedback tool. They create an environment where honest communication flourishes, and your team’s insights become the driving force behind positive change. 

The Top 12 Employee Feedback Tools in 2024 

Each of these 12 tools stands out as a “gold standard” in 2024. 

They’re listed in no particular order:

1. 15Five 

15Five is your go-to for streamlined communication. It focuses on weekly check-ins to ensure everyone’s voice is heard.

It simplifies feedback with easy-to-use surveys and prompts, giving managers insights into team morale and employees a chance to share their highs and lows.


  • User-friendly interface: Navigating 15Five is a breeze, ensuring that team members can effortlessly engage with the platform, making the feedback process seamless.
  • Quick and regular feedback: With a spotlight on weekly check-ins, 15Five keeps the feedback loop active, providing quick insights into team morale and giving employees a consistent platform to share their highs and lows.
  • Goal tracking features: Setting and tracking goals become intuitive with 15Five, adding a strategic layer to the feedback process.


  • Some users report occasional glitchiness: While generally smooth, occasional glitches have been reported by some users. It’s advisable to consider the potential impact on your team’s experience.

2. Officevibe 

Officevibe keeps your team engaged, combining surveys with pulse checks to understand your team’s mood and motivation.

It’s simple and it focuses on actionable insights, helping boost employee satisfaction and productivity.


  • User-friendly design: The simplicity of Officevibe’s design ensures that engaging with surveys and pulse checks is not only insightful but also a user-friendly experience.
  • Real-time pulse checks: Officevibe’s commitment to real-time feedback keeps you in tune with your team’s sentiments, allowing for timely interventions and fostering a proactive approach to employee satisfaction.
  • Customizable surveys: Tailor surveys to fit your organization’s unique needs, ensuring that you extract the precise insights required for strategic decision-making.


  • Advanced analytics require a premium subscription: While the basic features offer substantial insights, unlocking advanced analytics necessitates a premium subscription. Weigh the added value against the associated cost.

3. Qualtrics 

Qualtrics is a heavyweight—offering a versatile platform for employee experience management.

It goes beyond feedback with robust analytics and customizable surveys, providing a deep dive into employee sentiments.


  • Extensive customization options: Dive deep into the specifics with Qualtrics. Customize surveys to align with your organization’s unique requirements, ensuring a nuanced understanding of your workforce.
  • Powerful analytics: Qualtrics doesn’t just collect data; it empowers you with robust analytics, providing a profound understanding of employee sentiments and trends.
  • Scalable for large organizations: Whether your organization is small or large, Qualtrics scales seamlessly, making it a viable choice for businesses of various sizes.


  • Learning curve for in-depth use: Delving into the full spectrum of Qualtrics’ capabilities may require some time for onboarding. Ensure your team is prepared for the learning curve.

4. TINYpulse 

TINYpulse keeps your finger on the employee pulse with frequent surveys and anonymous feedback options.

Regular pulse checks and anonymous suggestions foster an open environment. It’s simple yet effective for understanding your team’s needs.


  • Regular pulse surveys: TINYpulse’s commitment to regular pulse surveys ensures that you stay attuned to the ever-changing dynamics of your team, fostering continuous improvement.
  • Anonymous feedback: Providing a platform for anonymous suggestions, TINYpulse encourages unfiltered and honest feedback, unveiling insights that may not surface otherwise.
  • Goal-setting features: TINYpulse integrates goal-setting features, aligning feedback with broader organizational objectives.


  • Limited customization: While effective, TINYpulse’s customization options are somewhat limited. Assess whether this aligns with your organization’s specific needs.

5. Quantum Workplace 

Quantum Workplace is your comprehensive solution for employee engagement. It covers everything from surveys to performance reviews.

It brings together engagement surveys, performance evaluations, and goal tracking, serving as a one-stop shop for understanding and improving employee experiences.


  • Comprehensive toolset: Quantum Workplace provides an all-encompassing toolkit, covering engagement surveys, performance evaluations, and goal tracking, consolidating diverse aspects of employee feedback.
  • Performance management features: Beyond feedback, Quantum Workplace integrates performance management features, creating a holistic approach to employee development.
  • Real-time dashboards: Stay in the know with real-time dashboards, ensuring that insights are not just historical but continuously guide decision-making.


  • Requires time for onboarding: While powerful, Quantum Workplace may require an investment of time for onboarding. Plan accordingly to optimize the benefits.

6. Culture Amp 

Culture Amp is the maestro of culture management, combining feedback, analytics, and action plans.

It puts culture front and center, not just about feedback but shaping an environment where your team can thrive.


  • Culture-focused approach: Dive into a tool that doesn’t just collect feedback but shapes an environment where your team can truly thrive. Culture Amp places culture front and center, making it not just a tool but a companion in sculpting your organizational ethos.
  • Advanced analytics: Beyond the surface, Culture Amp offers powerful analytics that enable you to unravel the intricacies of your workforce sentiments. It’s not just about gathering data; it’s about extracting meaningful insights that drive impactful decisions.
  • Actionable insights: Culture Amp doesn’t stop at data collection; it takes you a step further. It assists in translating feedback into actionable insights, providing a roadmap for positive organizational change. It’s not just about knowing; it’s about knowing what to do.


  • Premium features come at a cost: While the basic features provide a robust foundation, unlocking the full potential of Culture Amp requires a premium subscription. Consider your budget constraints as you weigh the value against the cost.

7. ContactMonkey 

ContactMonkey is your email ninja, adding a feedback layer to your emails.

It turns regular emails into interactive conversations. It’s a clever way to keep feedback flowing without additional tools or platforms.


  • Integrates with emails: Transforming mundane emails into interactive conversations, ContactMonkey seamlessly integrates feedback into the fabric of your daily communication. No need for additional tools or platforms – your inbox becomes the hub for constructive dialogue.
  • Real-time feedback: The immediacy of real-time feedback sets ContactMonkey apart. It ensures that the exchange of insights happens in the moment, fostering a culture of continuous improvement without delays.
  • Easy to use: In the realm of simplicity, ContactMonkey excels. Its user-friendly design ensures that incorporating feedback into your communication flow is not a chore but a natural part of the conversation.


  • Limited to email interactions: While excelling in its niche, ContactMonkey’s reach is confined to email interactions. If your feedback needs transcend the boundaries of email, consider your broader communication landscape.

8. Lattice 

Lattice is your HR companion, covering performance reviews, goal setting, and continuous feedback.

It simplifies HR processes, making it easy to set goals, track progress, and provide ongoing feedback. It’s the all-in-one HR toolbox.


  • Holistic HR features: Lattice goes beyond feedback, encompassing a suite of HR functionalities. It simplifies HR processes, making it a one-stop shop for performance reviews, goal tracking, and ongoing feedback. It’s not just a tool; it’s your all-in-one HR toolbox.
  • User-friendly design: Navigating through the complexities of HR processes becomes a breeze with Lattice’s user-friendly interface. It ensures that even the most intricate HR tasks are approached with ease.
  • Continuous feedback options: Lattice recognizes that feedback isn’t a one-time event. It provides features for continuous feedback, fostering an environment where growth is a constant, iterative process.


  • Advanced features require a subscription: While Lattice offers a suite of features, unlocking its full potential may require a subscription. Evaluate your organization’s needs against the subscription cost to strike the right balance.

9. SurveyMonkey 

SurveyMonkey is a classic survey tool, straightforward and familiar.

It’s perfect for quick surveys and feedback collection without overwhelming your team.


  • Ease of use: SurveyMonkey’s simplicity is its strength. It excels in quick survey creation and feedback collection without overwhelming your team.
  • Quick survey creation: When time is of the essence, SurveyMonkey allows for rapid survey creation, ensuring that you can gather feedback promptly.
  • Affordable: SurveyMonkey provides affordability without compromising on basic feedback features, making it an accessible option for diverse budgets.


  • Limited to basic feedback features: While efficient, SurveyMonkey may lack some advanced features found in more comprehensive feedback tools. Assess your organization’s needs for a tailored fit.

10. Peakon 

Peakon focuses on real-time employee feedback and analytics.

Real-time feedback means you’re always in the loop. It helps address concerns and celebrate successes promptly.


  • Real-time feedback: Peakon places you in the pulse of your organization, providing real-time insights that allow for swift responses to concerns and the celebration of successes.
  • Predictive analytics: Go beyond reaction with Peakon’s predictive analytics, anticipating trends and proactively addressing potential issues.
  • User-friendly interface: Peakon’s interface ensures that navigating through feedback and analytics is intuitive, making it accessible for all team members.


  • Premium features are subscription-based: To unlock the full potential of Peakon, some features may require a subscription. Consider your organization’s needs and budget for a balanced decision.

11. Reflektive 

Reflektive is your performance management sidekick, combining performance reviews with continuous feedback.

It streamlines the performance review process while keeping a focus on ongoing feedback. A balanced approach to employee development.


  • Performance management features: Reflektive brings a holistic approach to employee development, combining performance reviews with continuous feedback for a balanced strategy.
  • Goal setting and tracking: Streamline goal-setting and tracking with Reflektive, aligning individual and team objectives with the broader organizational mission.
  • Customizable feedback options: Tailor the feedback process to your organization’s unique needs with Reflektive’s customizable options.


  • Requires commitment to full utilization: To fully harness Reflektive’s capabilities, commitment to its comprehensive features is essential. Assess your team’s readiness for a holistic feedback strategy.

12. BambooHR 

BambooHR is your HR suite, offering employee feedback options among its many features.

It’s a holistic HR solution, integrating employee feedback systemsseamlessly into broader HR processes. It’s a comprehensive approach to employee management.


  • All-in-one HR platform: BambooHR stands as a comprehensive HR solution, seamlessly incorporating employee feedback systems into broader HR processes.
  • User-friendly interface: Navigating through BambooHR’s suite is user-friendly, ensuring that even complex HR tasks are approached with ease.
  • Customizable feedback features: Tailor the feedback process to align with your organizational nuances, thanks to BambooHR’s customizable features.


  • Premium features come at a cost: While offering a suite of features, unlocking BambooHR’s premium features may require a financial investment. Consider the value against the cost for a balanced decision.

There you have it, a straightforward breakdown of the top employee feedback tools for remote teams or traditional teams. Choose wisely and let’s level up your team’s feedback game! 

How to Choose the Right Tool for Your Team 

Step #1: Define Your Objectives

Clearly outline what you aim to achieve with the feedback tool. 

Is it enhancing communication, boosting morale, or improving performance? Knowing your objectives sets the stage for a focused selection process.

Step #2: Know Your Team’s Size and Structure 

Consider the scale of your organization. 

A tool suitable for a startup might not fit seamlessly into a large enterprise. Know your team’s size and structure to ensure the chosen tool scales effectively.

Step #3: Understand Your Company Culture

Every company has its unique culture. 

Some thrive on a laid-back, collaborative vibe, while others might be more structured and formal. Choose a tool that aligns with your company’s cultural nuances for seamless integration.

Step #4: Identify User-Friendliness

An intuitive interface is crucial for user adoption. 

Evaluate the user-friendliness of each tool. A complicated system might lead to resistance among your team, hampering the effectiveness of the feedback process.

Step #5: Consider Integration Capabilities

Your feedback tool shouldn’t operate in isolation. 

Consider its integration capabilities with your existing systems. A tool that syncs well with your communication and project management platforms can streamline processes.

Step #6: Budgetary Considerations

Evaluate your budget constraints. 

While investing in the right tool is crucial, it’s equally important not to strain your resources. Find a balance between functionality and cost to ensure a sustainable solution.

Step #7: Trial Period and User Feedback

Before making a final decision, leverage trial periods offered by many tools. 

Encourage active participation from a diverse group within your team to gather comprehensive user feedback. This real-world insight is invaluable in making the right choice.

Use Employee Feedback to Your Advantage Now!

Cultivating a culture of open communication isn’t just a strategy; it’s a necessity.

Recognizing the drivers of engagement—autonomy, mastery, and purpose—sets the foundation for effective feedback strategies.

The crucial factor is aligning these tools with your company’s culture, ensuring a seamless fit with your team.

Now that you know how to choose the right tool, the next step is shaping a strategy that suits your team. 

Your team deserves an environment where their voices aren’t just heard but valued. An engaged team doesn’t just boost productivity; it turns workplaces into centers of innovation and growth.

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