What Are Lifestyle Benefits? 9 Powerful Options for 2024

Dec 6, 2023 | Employee Benefits

Josh Rust

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Do you need to fix your employee experience but aren’t sure how?

Is the office buzz not as electrifying as before? 

Are you noticing your team’s motivation taking a dip?

In a world where competition for top talent is fierce, it’s vital to keep your employees happy, engaged, and motivated. 

After all, they’re the backbone of your organization. And if your team is feeling undervalued or overlooked, their productivity can take a nosedive—and it can cost you BIG TIME. 

This is where lifestyle benefits for employees come into play.

The workplace is evolving, and employees want something more than they did a few years ago. 

This isn’t just a passing trend. It’s a major change in how companies attract and retain top talent. 

In this blog, we’ll explore lifestyle benefits, why they’ve become essential, and how they can supercharge your workforce.

So, if you’re ready to revamp your workplace and supercharge your employees, let’s delve into the “lifestyle benefits” that will make sure all your employees are constantly raving about how wonderful it is to work for your company.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. What exactly are “lifestyle benefits,” and why are they crucial for your business in 2024? 

What Are Lifestyle Benefits? 

Lifestyle benefits go beyond the usual perks like a standard 401(k) plan or typical health insurance. 

While those are important, lifestyle benefits are like the extra-special treats that makes your employees feel truly appreciated.

Benefits like mental health assistance or healthy shopping discounts are a few examples of lifestyle benefits. The meaning is literally its name—things that benefit your employees’ lifestyle.

In the past, a steady paycheck and a standard compensation planning were often enough to keep employees happy. 

But times are changing. The modern workforce wants more than just the basics. They’re looking for a workplace that understands their needs beyond the regular work hours.

Here’s the thing: your employees are all unique, and their needs aren’t the same. 

In today’s world, our work and personal lives are more intertwined than ever. The boundaries between what happens at work and what happens outside of it have blurred. 

Basic benefits might have sufficed in the past, but now it’s time to provide a richer, more fulfilling employment experience

And lifestyle benefits are the upgrade your employees want.

Why Lifestyle Benefits Are So Important to Employees

Reason #1: Boosts Job Satisfaction

The first reason is that employee lifestyle benefits are like a happiness booster. 

After all, 66% of employees say they would likely leave their job for another position with better benefits.

When you offer benefits that cater to their unique needs and lifestyles, you’re showing them that you care. This care goes a long way in making your team feel valued and content.

Modern employees are looking for a workplace that improves their lives, both professionally and personally. 

Lifestyle benefits, like flexible work hours, remote work options, or wellness programs, can fill that gap.

Reason #2: Attracting and Retaining Top Talent

Another crucial reason is that lifestyle benefits can be your secret weapon for attracting and retaining the best talent in the market. 

According to a study, 74% of businesses consider employee wellbeing vital and beneficial for recruiting and maintaining employees.

In today’s competitive job landscape, skilled professionals have options. They want to work for companies that stand out and offer more than the basics.

When you provide lifestyle benefits that align with your needs and desires, you become a magnet for these high achievers. 

They’ll flock to join your team and stick around—knowing they’ll get a workplace experience that benefits them.

Reason #3: Improving Work-Life Balance

The third reason revolves around work-life balance—which has become a pivotal aspect of a happy, motivated workforce. 

Lifestyle benefits that support work-life balance, such as remote work options, flexible scheduling, or even on-site childcare, are incredibly appealing to employees.

Balancing work and personal life is challenging for many, and your employees are no exception. Lifestyle benefits that make it easier for them to manage their responsibilities outside of work lead to less stress and greater job satisfaction. 

This helps you keep turnover low and productivity high.

Lifestyle benefits are no longer just a nice addition; they’re necessary in today’s work environment. They boost job satisfaction, help you attract and retain top talent, and improve the work-life balance of your team. 

It’s a win-win situation for both you and your employees. 

9 Proven Lifestyle Benefits to Try in 2024

Now, let’s get into the main concern—the lifestyle benefits to make your employees happy. 

We’ve gathered a list of 10 lifestyle benefits that are more than just perks; they’re effective for boosting employee satisfaction and overall company success. 

Here’s a closer look at what they are, and why they work so effectively:

Idea #1: Flexible Work Hours

Offering flexible work hours is like a breath of fresh air for employees. 

It shows that you understand their need for work-life balance. 

With flexible hours, employees can better manage their time—whether it’s to accommodate personal commitments or simply to beat the rush-hour traffic. 

This reduction in stress leads to improved job satisfaction, increased loyalty, and enhanced productivity.

Your company benefits through increased employee morale and engagement. When employees have more control over their schedules, they’re happier and more focused. 

As a result, they’re likely to produce better work, leading to higher productivity and better overall performance.

Idea #2: Remote Work Options

The option for remote work is a game-changer, particularly in today’s world. 

It gives employees the freedom to work from locations that suit them best. Whether it’s their home office, a cozy coffee shop, or even a beachside getaway, remote work eliminates the daily commute, reduces stress, and empowers employees to create their ideal work environment.

Remote work options are also a win-win. They lead to more satisfied employees who often work more efficiently and with fewer distractions. 

Additionally, remote work can expand your talent pool by allowing you to hire employees from around the world.

Idea #3: Wellness Programs

Wellness programs promote physical and mental health—resulting in healthier, happier employees. 

These programs may include gym memberships, stress management classes, or nutrition counseling. When employees feel physically fit and emotionally balanced, they’re more energetic and engaged in their work.

A healthier workforce means fewer sick days and lower healthcare costs. 

Wellness programs not only boost employee morale but also improve productivity. When employees are in their best shape, they’re more focused and effective at their tasks.

Idea #4: Childcare Assistance

Childcare assistance is a relief for working parents. 

It takes away the stress of balancing work and family responsibilities. Employees can rest easy knowing that their children are well-cared for, allowing them to focus on their jobs without the constant worry about their kids’ well-being.

Childcare assistance helps retain top talent, especially working parents. 

It’s a strong retention tool that shows your company’s commitment to supporting employees in their lives. 

This leads to a more loyal and engaged workforce.

Idea #5: Professional Development Opportunities

Offering opportunities for professional growth shows that you’re invested in your employees’ careers. 

This leads to a more skilled and motivated team. And a skilled workforce leads to improved performance and innovation. 

Employees who have opportunities for professional development are more likely to be engaged and committed to your company’s success.

Idea #6: Mental Health Support

There is a growing demand for mental well-being programs in today’s world—where stress and anxiety are prevalent. 

It helps employees cope with these challenges and reduces emotional strain.

Mental health support can lead to reduced absenteeism and higher job satisfaction. Employees who receive this support are more likely to be engaged, productive, and focused on their work.

Idea #7: Unlimited Paid Time Off

Unlimited paid time off allows employees to recharge, relax, and destress. It helps reduce burnout and improves overall job satisfaction.

Employees who take time off tend to return to work more refreshed and motivated. 

Reduced burnout leads to lower turnover and higher productivity.

Idea #8: Employee Recognition Programs

Recognizing employees’ efforts and achievements boosts morale, motivation, and a sense of belonging. 

Employee recognition programs can also lead to increased productivity and higher retention rates. 

When employees feel recognized and valued, they’re more likely to stay with your company and continue delivering their best work.

Idea #9: Financial Wellness Resources

39% of all employees say their personal and professional lives are negatively affected by money concerns.

Financial wellness resources help employees manage their money better, reducing financial stress and increasing peace of mind.

Employees with improved financial wellness are less likely to be distracted by financial worries at work. 

This can increase productivity and higher job satisfaction, ultimately benefiting the company’s bottom line.

Each of these lifestyle benefits serves a unique purpose, and when implemented effectively, they can make a significant impact on both employees and the company as a whole. 

How to Incorporate New Employee Benefits: 5 Steps

Bringing new lifestyle benefits into your company isn’t just about the perks themselves; it’s also about how you introduce and integrate them into your workplace. 

These five practical steps will guide you through the process effectively:

Step #1: Identify Employee Needs

Start by diving deep into your employees’ needs and preferences. 

Conduct surveys or hold open discussions to gather their input. Consider their age, life stages, and personal circumstances. 

This step is crucial to ensure you offer the benefits that your team wants.

Once you have a clear picture of what your employees are looking for, prioritize the benefits that align with their needs and your company’s budget. 

Ensure that these benefits will make a significant impact on their lives and job satisfaction.

Step #2: Tailor the Benefits to Your Company

Not all benefits fit every company. 

Consider your company’s size, industry, and culture. For example, a tech startup might focus on remote work options, while a manufacturing company could emphasize wellness programs. 

Tailor the benefits to align with your unique company characteristics.

Ensure that the chosen benefits reflect your company’s values and mission. Benefits should complement your company culture and goals. 

This alignment will make the benefits feel like a natural part of your workplace.

Step #3: Communicate Clearly

Once you’ve selected the benefits, it’s time to communicate them to your employees. 

Provide all the necessary details, explain how they work, and highlight the advantages. Transparency is key to ensuring employees fully understand and appreciate the benefits.

Use various communication channels to reach all employees effectively. Hold informational meetings, create informative posters, send company-wide emails, and provide online resources. 

The goal is to make sure everyone is aware of the benefits and how to access them.

Step #4: Implement it Efficiently

Efficient implementation is crucial. 

Create a well-organized plan for introducing the benefits. Assign responsibilities to designated team members and establish a timeline for the rollout. Ensure that all employees have access to the benefits and can easily take advantage of them.

Provide training and support to employees as needed. For example, if you’re introducing a fitness membership benefit, offer guidance on how to sign up for gym access or virtual fitness classes. 

Make sure they know how to make the most of the benefits.

Step #5: Monitor and Adjust

The final step is ongoing. 

Keep an eye on how your employees use the benefits. Monitor employee satisfaction and gather feedback from your employees. Regular surveys or feedback sessions can be invaluable in understanding their experiences and needs.

Always be open to adjustments as needed. As your company evolves and employee needs change, your benefits should adapt accordingly. 

The key is to continuously optimize and improve the benefits to meet the evolving needs of your workforce.

These steps ensure a more motivated and satisfied workforce, leading to enhanced company success and a brighter future for all. 

Make Your Employees Happier with Lifestyle Benefits

In a world where competition for top talent is fierce and employee retention is a constant challenge, the significance of employee lifestyle benefits cannot be overstated. 

Basic benefits alone are no longer sufficient to attract and retain the best talent. Employees desire a well-rounded work-life balance that complements their needs and aspirations.

To bring these benefits into your company, just follow the five steps here.

Steal them, adapt them, and make them your own. Lifestyle benefits are full of opportunities to attract top talent, boost employee satisfaction, and improve retention. 

By nurturing a motivated and satisfied workforce, you’re setting your company on a path to success.

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